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W. Bruce Cameron 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter

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Separation Anxiety: A Play

by Feature Writer, Ed Tasca

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The Horrible, Dramatic, Wonderful, and Trivial Case of Harper Jones

by Guest Writer, Katy Lucas

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The Coyote Times Classifieds

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Country Humor
Fried Chicken, Cupcakes, and Gossip

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Life, in Particular

Margie's free–wheeling essays about nothing in particular.

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Dog Tales (and other tails)

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Good News Gazette! (All Good News from All Over the World)

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About Me

my home and my family
(Well, sort of. You'll see.)

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The Word Poetic


My short, published nonfiction

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Margie's Ideas for Writing and Humorists

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Resource Links for Freelance and Professional Writers

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